Commit 3f98a90c authored by Naumann, Andreas's avatar Naumann, Andreas
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AMDiS also needs debian update :)

parent 845f099f
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
if "$1" = "upgrade" ; then
exit 0
NEWDIRS_SEMI="@deb_add_dirs@" NEWDIRS_SEMI="@deb_add_dirs@"
NEWDIRS=`echo ${NEWDIRS_SEMI} | sed 's/;/ /g'` NEWDIRS=`echo ${NEWDIRS_SEMI} | sed 's/;/ /g'`
#echo "will create the remove directories:" #echo "will create the remove directories:"
for d in ${NEWDIRS}; do for d in ${NEWDIRS}; do
# echo "${BASEDIR}${d}" # echo "${BASEDIR}${d}"
rm -rf ${BASEDIR}${d} rm -r ${BASEDIR}${d} > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
done done
exit 0
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