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Commit 5a3202fa authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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parameter_list update

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......@@ -66,4 +66,24 @@ constructor of MeshDistributor. {\small
information about all DOF indices in ranks domain. They may be
useful for debugging or some postprocessing steps. \\\hline
Reinitialization class HL\_SignedDistTraverse gets the label \texttt{[name]} as first argument in the constructor. {\small
\textrm{\textbf{keyword}} & \textrm{\textbf{data type}} & \textrm{\textbf{default}} & \textrm{\textbf{description}} \\
\basis tolerance & \textbf{double} & & Tolerance for Hopf-Lax update iteration loop.\\\hline
\basis maximal number of iteration steps & \textbf{int} & & Maximal number of mesh iterations for Hopf-Lax update.\\\hline
\basis Gauss-Seidel iteration & \textbf{bool} & & Indicates whether Gauss-Seidel or Jacobi iteration is used. 0: Jacobi, 1: Gauss-Seidel\\\hline
\basis infinity value & \textbf{double} & & Initialization value ``inifinity'' for non-boundary vertices. Must be $>$ 1000\\\hline
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