Commit 9a62894f authored by Thomas Witkowski's avatar Thomas Witkowski
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Forgotten to remove some debug lines.

parent 53fdd44f
......@@ -442,12 +442,6 @@ namespace AMDiS {
// === And now start to coarsen the patch: remove dof's of the coarsening edge. ===
WorldVector<double> c;
FiniteElemSpace *feSpace = FiniteElemSpace::provideFeSpace(mesh);
mesh->getDofIndexCoords(el->getChild(0)->getDof(3), feSpace, c);
// MSG("Free dof %p %f %f %f\n", el->getChild(0)->getDof(3), c[0], c[1], c[2]);
mesh->freeDof(const_cast<int*>(el->getChild(0)->getDof(3)), VERTEX);
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