Commit ec36d60d authored by Thomas Witkowski's avatar Thomas Witkowski
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Changed augmented coarse grid problem to its transpose.

parent bc23a38c
......@@ -2036,7 +2036,29 @@ namespace AMDiS {
VecAXPY(tmp_primal0, -1.0, tmp_primal1);
KSPSolve(ksp_schur_primal, tmp_primal0, tmp_primal0);
if (augmentedLagrange == false) {
KSPSolve(ksp_schur_primal, tmp_primal0, tmp_primal0);
} else {
Vec tmp_mu;
MatGetVecs(mat_augmented_lagrange, PETSC_NULL, &tmp_mu);
MatMult(mat_lagrange, tmp_b1, tmp_lagrange);
MatMult(mat_augmented_lagrange, tmp_lagrange, tmp_mu);
VecScale(tmp_mu, -1.0);
Vec vec_array[2] = {tmp_primal0, tmp_mu};
Vec vec_nest;
VecCreateNest(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, 2, PETSC_NULL, vec_array, &vec_nest);
KSPSolve(ksp_schur_primal, vec_nest, vec_nest);
MatMultTranspose(mat_augmented_lagrange, tmp_mu, tmp_lagrange);
MatMultTranspose(mat_lagrange, tmp_lagrange, tmp_b1);
VecAXPY(tmp_b0, -1.0, tmp_b1);
// === Solve for u_b. ===
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