Commit f31c94de authored by Reuther, Sebastian's avatar Reuther, Sebastian
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fixed namespace conflicts in CouplingBaseproblem.h

parent d2796da5
......@@ -23,10 +23,10 @@ using namespace AMDiS;
template<class ProblemType=ProblemStat, class BaseProblemType=BaseProblem<ProblemStat> >
class CouplingBaseProblem : public CouplingIterationInterface,
public CouplingTimeInterface,
public detail::CouplingProblemStat<ProblemType>
public AMDiS::detail::CouplingProblemStat<ProblemType>
typedef detail::CouplingProblemStat<ProblemType> CProblemStat;
typedef AMDiS::detail::CouplingProblemStat<ProblemType> CProblemStat;
CouplingBaseProblem(std::string name_,
BaseProblemType *prob0_,
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