Commit fc619e37 authored by Siqi Ling's avatar Siqi Ling
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change in function matvecassemble to get rid of: Da stimmt was nicht

parent 1c8e6e76
...@@ -341,19 +341,21 @@ namespace AMDiS { ...@@ -341,19 +341,21 @@ namespace AMDiS {
TEST_EXIT(rowFeSpace->getBasisFcts() == colFeSpace->getBasisFcts()) TEST_EXIT(rowFeSpace->getBasisFcts() == colFeSpace->getBasisFcts())
("Works only for equal basis functions for different components!\n"); ("Works only for equal basis functions for different components!\n");
TEST_EXIT(operat->uhOld->getFeSpace()->getMesh() == auxElInfo->getMesh()) Element *usedEl = nullptr;
("Da stimmt was nicht!\n"); if (operat->uhOld->getFeSpace()->getMesh() == auxElInfo->getMesh())
usedEl = auxElInfo->getElement();
Element *mainEl = mainElInfo->getElement(); else if (operat->uhOld->getFeSpace()->getMesh() == mainElInfo->getMesh())
Element *auxEl = auxElInfo->getElement(); usedEl = mainElInfo->getElement();
ERROR("Mesh is incorrect.\n");
const BasisFunction *basFcts = rowFeSpace->getBasisFcts(); const BasisFunction *basFcts = rowFeSpace->getBasisFcts();
int nBasFcts = basFcts->getNumber(); int nBasFcts = basFcts->getNumber();
ElementVector uhOldLoc(nBasFcts); ElementVector uhOldLoc(nBasFcts);
operat->uhOld->getLocalVector(auxEl, uhOldLoc); operat->uhOld->getLocalVector(usedEl, uhOldLoc);
if (mainEl != lastMatEl) { if (mainElInfo->getElement() != lastMatEl) {
set_to_zero(elementMatrix); set_to_zero(elementMatrix);
calculateElementMatrix(mainElInfo, auxElInfo, smallElInfo, largeElInfo, calculateElementMatrix(mainElInfo, auxElInfo, smallElInfo, largeElInfo,
false, elementMatrix); false, elementMatrix);
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