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Commit a7a18cab authored by Harry Fuchs's avatar Harry Fuchs
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output pdf as well

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image: debian:testing
- "./"
- "diffgeoII/output"
- "output"
expire_in: 1 week
......@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@
cp edit-this-file.tex tmp.tex
pandoc -f org -t latex tmp.tex -s -o gdim.tex --metadata-file meta.yaml --template="latex.template"
pandoc -f org -t latex tmp.tex -s -o for-compile.tex --metadata-file meta.yaml --template="latex.template"
clear && clear
# clear && clear
echo "start pdflatex"
if [ "$1" == "fail-on-error" ]; then
mkdir output
cp gdim.tex ./output/dgeo-alekseev.tex
echo "STOP"
#TODO make pdflatex work
exit 0
pdflatex $latexoption gdim.tex
if [ $$? = 0 ] ; then \
pdflatex $$NAME ; \
pdflatex $$NAME ; \
else \
\echo "Compilation failed" ; \
exit 20
pdflatex $latexoption for-compile.tex
if [[ $ec == 0 ]]
pdflatex $latexoption for-compile.tex
pdflatex $latexoption for-compile.tex
pdflatex $latexoption for-compile.tex
echo "Compilation failed"
exit $ec
#pdflatex gdim.tex
#TODO rename
mv gdim.pdf dgeo-alekseev.pdf
mkdir output
cp dgeo-alekseev.pdf ./output/
mkdir -p ../output
cp for-compile.tex ../output/dgeo-alekseev-II.tex
mv for-compile.pdf dgeo-alekseev-II.pdf
cp dgeo-alekseev-II.pdf ../output/
%TODO alles mit ??
Compiled on \today
* Erinnerungen an WS
Wir studieren Mannigfaltigkeiten (Mfg).
......@@ -1778,7 +1776,7 @@ Sei $\omega = \underbrace{ f }_{\in C^\infty (\mathbb R^k)} \, \diffd u^1 \wedge
\int_{[0,1]^0} \omega &:=& f(0)
\\ \int_{[0,1]^k} \omega &:=& \int_{[0,1]^k} f(u)\intd u^1 \cdotd \intd u^k
\\ \int_{[0,1]^k} \omega &:=& \int_{[0,1]^k} f(u)\intd u^1 \cdots \intd u^k
(Das Integral der Funktion $f$ auf der rechten Seite der Definition im Sinne der Analysis)
......@@ -1796,14 +1794,14 @@ Sei $M=\mathbb R^k$, $c\colon[0,1]^k \to \mathbb R^k$, ein singulärer Würfel m
Sei $\omega = f(u) \, \diffd u^1 \wedge \ldots \wedge du^k \in \Omega^k(\mathbb R^k)$
\int_c \omega &=& \int_{[0,1]^k} c^* \omega = \int_{[0,1]^k} f(c(x)) \operatorname{det} D_x c\,\diffdx^1\cdots \diffd x^k
\int_c \omega &=& \int_{[0,1]^k} c^* \omega = \int_{[0,1]^k} f(c(x)) \operatorname{det} D_x c\,\diffd x^1\cdots \diffd x^k
\\ &\overset{\text{Transformationsformel}}=& \pm \int_{c([0,1]^k)} f(u) \intd^1 u^1 \cdots \intd u^k
%TODO missing
+ && \text{wenn $\det D_x c> 0$ }
- && \text{wenn $\det D_x c >0$ }, \forall x \in [0,1]^k
\\ - && \text{wenn $\det D_x c >0$ }, \forall x \in [0,1]^k
%TODO Bildchen 2
......@@ -1820,7 +1818,7 @@ $$
** Lemma
Das Integral von $\omega$ über einen singuläreren Würfel $c\colon [0,1]^k \to M$ ist parametrisierungsunabhängig: Wenn $F\colon [0,1]^k \to [0,1]^k$ ein Diffeomorphismus mit $\det D_x F > 0 \forall x\n [0,1]^k$, dann gilt:
Das Integral von $\omega$ über einen singuläreren Würfel $c\colon [0,1]^k \to M$ ist parametrisierungsunabhängig: Wenn $F\colon [0,1]^k \to [0,1]^k$ ein Diffeomorphismus mit $\det D_x F > 0 \forall x\in [0,1]^k$, dann gilt:
\int_{c\circ F} \omega = \int_c \omega, \quad \quad \forall\omega\in \Omega^k(M)
......@@ -1928,7 +1926,7 @@ $$
\intd f &=& f'(t) \diffd t
\\ c^* (diffd f) = \tilde f(u) \diffd u = (f\circ c)' \intd u
\\ \tilde f (u) &=& c^*(\diff d) (\frac{\partial}{\partial u})
\\ \tilde f(u) &=& c^*(\diffd) (\frac{\partial}{\partial u})
\\ &=& \diffd f(c_* \frac{\partial}{\partial u})
\\ &=& f'(c'(u))\diffd t(c_* \frac{\partial}{\partial u})
\\ &=& f'(c(u)) c'(u)
......@@ -380,6 +380,7 @@ $endif$
......@@ -409,6 +410,9 @@ $for(include-before)$
Compiled on \today.
......@@ -2,4 +2,11 @@ sh install-path-pandoc
cd diffgeoII
source ./ fail-on-error
cd ..
cd diffgeoI
pdflatex main.tex
pdflatex main.tex
pdflatex main.tex
cp main.tex ../output/dgeo-alekseev-I.tex
cp main.pdf ../output/dgeo-alekseev-I.pdf
uname -a
sed -i 's/' /etc/apt/sources.list
sed -i 's/' /etc/apt/sources.list
#apt-get not working
cat /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade --yes
apt-get install --yes wget
apt-get install --yes python3
apt-get install --yes python
# apt-get install --yes pandoc
apt-get install --yes texlive-full
#pandoc outdated in debian testing
mkdir $DEST
export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/$DEST/bin
echo "export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/$DEST/bin" > install-path-pandoc
echo $PATH
curl -O -L -C - "$TGZ"
wget -c "$TGZ"
tar xvzf $TGZ --strip-components 1 -C $DEST
ls .local
alias python3=python
python --version
pandoc --version
pdflatex --version
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