Commit 30706605 authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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Merge branch 'feature/power-gridfunction' into 'master'

Changed the exponent type from int to double in the power grid-function

See merge request !275
parents 276cc39a f7c1c192
......@@ -136,12 +136,12 @@ namespace AMDiS
return invokeAtQP(Operation::Pow<p>{}, FWD(value));
/// \brief Applies \ref Operation::Pow_ to GridFunction. \relates FunctorGridFunction
/// \brief Applies \ref Operation::Power to GridFunction. \relates FunctorGridFunction
template <class T,
auto pow(T&& value, int p)
auto pow(T&& value, double p)
return invokeAtQP(Operation::Pow_{p}, FWD(value));
return invokeAtQP(Operation::Power{p}, FWD(value));
/// \brief Applies \ref Operation::Get<I> to GridFunction. \relates FunctorGridFunction
......@@ -277,9 +277,9 @@ namespace AMDiS
/// Functor that represents x^p, \see \ref Pow
struct Pow_
struct Power
constexpr Pow_(int p)
constexpr Power(double p)
: p_(p)
......@@ -289,17 +289,17 @@ namespace AMDiS
return std::pow(x, p_);
friend constexpr int order(Pow_ const& P, int d)
friend constexpr int order(Power const& P, double d)
return P.p_ * d;
friend constexpr auto partial(Pow_ const& P, index_t<0>)
friend constexpr auto partial(Power const& P, index_t<0>)
return compose(Multiplies{}, Constant<int>{P.p_}, Pow_{P.p_-1});
return compose(Multiplies{}, Constant<double>{P.p_}, Power{P.p_-1});
int p_;
double p_;
/** @} **/
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