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Example/surface grid

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......@@ -27,3 +27,8 @@ add_dependencies(examples
if (dune-foamgrid_FOUND)
add_amdis_executable(NAME surface.2d SOURCES DIM 2 DOW 3)
add_dependencies(examples surface.2d)
endif ()
\ No newline at end of file
#pragma once
#include <type_traits>
#include <vector>
#include <dune/grid/common/gridfactory.hh>
#include <amdis/Output.hpp>
namespace AMDiS
template <class GridType, class Projection>
struct Parametrization
using Grid = GridType;
using ctype = typename Grid::ctype;
static constexpr int dimension = Grid::dimension;
static constexpr int dimensionworld = Grid::dimensionworld;
using LeafIntersection = typename Grid::LeafIntersection;
template <int cd>
using Codim = typename Grid::template Codim<cd>;
} // end namespace AMDiS
namespace Dune
/// \brief A factory class for \ref SimpleGrid.
template <class Grid, class Projection>
class GridFactory<AMDiS::Parametrization<Grid, Projection>>
: public GridFactoryInterface<AMDiS::Parametrization<Grid, Projection>>
using GridWrapper = AMDiS::Parametrization<Grid, Projection>;
/// Type used by the grid for coordinates
using ctype = typename Grid::ctype;
static constexpr int dim = Grid::dimension;
static constexpr int dow = Grid::dimensionworld;
using LocalCoordinate = FieldVector<ctype, dim>;
using GlobalCoordinate = FieldVector<ctype, dow>;
using ProjectionBase = VirtualFunction<LocalCoordinate, GlobalCoordinate>;
/// Default constructor
/// Insert a vertex into the coarse grid
virtual void insertVertex(GlobalCoordinate const& pos) override
GlobalCoordinate new_pos(pos);
/// Insert an element into the coarse grid.
virtual void insertElement(GeometryType const& type,
std::vector<unsigned int> const& vertices) override
assert( type.isSimplex() );
std::vector<GlobalCoordinate> corners(vertices.size());
for (std::size_t i = 0; i < vertices.size(); ++i)
corners[i] = coordinates[vertices[i]];
factory.insertElement(type, vertices, std::shared_ptr<ProjectionBase>(new Projection(std::move(corners))) );
virtual void insertBoundarySegment(std::vector<unsigned int> const& /*vertices*/) override
AMDiS::warning("Not implemented!");
/// Finalize grid creation and hand over the grid.
Grid* create()
return factory.createGrid();
virtual GridWrapper* createGrid() override
AMDiS::warning("Should not be created. Use non-virtual method `create()` instead, to create the underlying grid!");
return nullptr;
// buffers for the mesh data
std::vector<GlobalCoordinate> coordinates;
GridFactory<Grid> factory;
} // end namespace Dune
#pragma once
#include <algorithm>
#include <array>
#include <dune/common/function.hh>
#include <dune/common/fvector.hh>
namespace AMDiS
* \brief Mapping class mapping from a triangle with points on the unit sphere onto the sphere
* with theta in [0, pi] and phi in [0, 2*pi)
template <int dim, int dow, class Radius, class ct = double>
class SphereMapping
: public Dune::VirtualFunction<Dune::FieldVector<ct, dim>, Dune::FieldVector<ct, dow> >
using LocalCoordinate = Dune::FieldVector<ct, dim>;
using GlobalCoordinate = Dune::FieldVector<ct, dow>;
template <class VertexContainer>
SphereMapping(VertexContainer&& vertices)
std::copy_n(vertices.begin(), dim+1, vertices_.begin());
void evaluate(LocalCoordinate const& x, GlobalCoordinate& y) const
// calculate global coordinate
auto shapeFunctions = evaluateShapeFunctions(x);
y = 0.0;
for(size_t i = 0; i < dim+1; i++)
for(size_t j = 0; j < dow; j++)
y[j] += vertices_[i][j]*shapeFunctions[i];
GlobalCoordinate evaluateShapeFunctions(LocalCoordinate const& x) const
GlobalCoordinate out;
out[0] = 1.0;
for (size_t i=0; i<2; i++)
out[0] -= x[i];
out[i+1] = x[i];
return out;
static void project(GlobalCoordinate& y)
// project it on the unit sphere
y /= y.two_norm() / Radius::eval(y);
std::array<GlobalCoordinate, dim+1> vertices_;
} // end namespace AMDiS
surfaceMesh->macro file name: ./macro/sphere_flat.3d
surfaceMesh->global refinements: 1
surface->mesh: surfaceMesh
surface->solver->name: bicgstab
surface->solver->max iteration: 10000
surface->solver->relative tolerance: 1.e-6
surface->solver->info: 10
surface->solver->left precon: ilu
surface->output[0]->filename: surface.2d
surface->output[0]->name: u
surface->output[0]->output directory: ./output
#include <amdis/AMDiS.hpp>
#include <amdis/Integrate.hpp>
#include <amdis/LocalOperators.hpp>
#include <amdis/ProblemStat.hpp>
#include <amdis/common/Literals.hpp>
#include <dune/grid/albertagrid/albertareader.hh>
#include <dune/foamgrid/foamgrid.hh>
#include "FactoryParametrization.hpp"
#include "SphereMapping.hpp"
using namespace AMDiS;
using namespace Dune::Indices;
using Grid = Dune::FoamGrid<2,3>;
using Basis = LagrangeBasis<typename Grid::LeafGridView, 1>;
struct UnitRadius
template <class T>
static double eval(T&&) { return 1.0; }
// solve the equation -laplace(u) - k^2 u = f on the sphere
int main(int argc, char** argv)
AMDiS::init(argc, argv);
std::string gridName = Parameters::get<std::string>("surface->mesh").value();
std::string gridFileName = Parameters::get<std::string>(gridName + "->macro file name").value();
using Param = Parametrization<Grid, SphereMapping<2, 3, UnitRadius>>;
Dune::GridFactory<Param> gridFactory;
Dune::AlbertaReader<Param>().readGrid(gridFileName, gridFactory);
std::unique_ptr<Grid> grid(gridFactory.create());
ProblemStat<Basis> prob("surface", *grid);
auto opL = makeOperator(tag::gradtest_gradtrial{}, 1.0);
prob.addMatrixOperator(opL, 0, 0);
double kappa = Parameters::get<double>("surface->kappa").value_or(1.0);
auto opM = makeOperator(tag::test_trial{}, -kappa*kappa);
prob.addMatrixOperator(opM, 0, 0);
auto opForce = makeOperator(tag::test{}, X(0) + X(1) + X(2));
prob.addVectorOperator(opForce, 0);
AdaptInfo adaptInfo("adapt");
return 0;
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