Commit 5d3b30c0 authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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removed optional_delete

parent 6d6d8969
......@@ -91,10 +91,10 @@ namespace AMDiS
/// Constructor taking additionally a reference to a mesh that is used
/// instead of the default created mesh, \ref ProblemStat
ProblemStat(std::string name, Grid* gridPtr)
ProblemStat(std::string name, Grid& grid)
: ProblemStat(name)
this->grid = std::shared_ptr<Grid>(gridPtr, optional_delete(false));
this->grid = Dune::stackobject_to_shared_ptr(grid);
componentGrids.resize(nComponents, this->grid.get());
gridName = "";
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ namespace AMDiS
/// matrices and vectors, as well as the file-writer.
void setGrid(Grid& grid_)
grid = std::shared_ptr<Grid>(&grid_, optional_delete(false));
grid = Dune::stackobject_to_shared_ptr(grid_);
std::fill(componentGrids.begin(), componentGrids.end(), this->grid.get());
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