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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Additionally, we require/suggest the following libraries to be found:
- [SuiteSparse]( (optional)
- libalberta >= 3.0 (For Alberta-Grids)
And a compiler that supports the C++14 standard, e.g. `g++` >= 4.9 and `clang` >= 3.6,
And a compiler that supports the C++14 standard, e.g. `g++` >= 5.0 and `clang` >= 3.6,
and `cmake` >= 3.1.
If your MTL4 installation is not found by default, you have to specify the path,
......@@ -35,8 +35,44 @@ where the file `MTLConfig.cmake` is found, here called `MTL_ROOT`. Then simply u
`dunecontrol` to configure and `cmake` to build:
CMAKE_FLAGS="-DMTL_DIR:PATH=[MTL_ROOT]" dunecontrol --current configure
cmake --build build-cmake
CMAKE_FLAGS="-DMTL_DIR:PATH=[MTL_ROOT]" dunecontrol --current all
This compiles the library and all examples in the `src/` directory.
Install Dune modules
To install all required Dune modules you can either install a debian package (Version 2.6 required), using source packages (e.g. [Version 2.6](, or install everything from the repository:
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
If additional grid types are required in the application (e.g. [AlbertaGrid](, [dune-alugrid](, or [dune-uggrid]( See also the list of dune modules on [](, these must be installed separately. Thereby, all Dune modules can be downloaded into the `${SOURCE_DIR}` folder. AlbertaGrid requires to set the cmake flag `-DALBERTA_ROOT` when configuring the dune-grid module.
To compile all Dune modules maybe some flags need to be given to cmake. When using the `dunecontrol` script this can be accomplished by providing an options file
cat > dune.opts <<- EOM
MAKE_FLAGS="-j4 install"
This specifies the location of the AlbertaGrid installation and an installation dir `${INSTALL_DIR}` for the Dune modules.
I prefer an out-of-source build and thus specify a common build directory for all Dune modules:
mkdir -p /tmp/dune/build
DUNE_CONTROL_PATH=${SOURCE_DIR} ${SOURCE_DIR}/dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --opts=dune.opts --builddir=/tmp/dune/build all
When the Dune modules are installed, the `bin/` directory in `${INSTALL_DIR}` can be added to the PATH variable to make `dunecontrol` and other scripts available directly.
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