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return vector by reference and typo corrections

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......@@ -25,22 +25,22 @@ namespace AMDiS
return boundaryIds_[intersection.boundarySegmentIndex()];
std::vector<BoundaryType> const boundaryIds() const
std::vector<BoundaryType> const& boundaryIds() const
return boundaryIds_;
std::vector<BoundaryType> boundaryIds_; // maps a boundarySegementIndex to an ID
std::vector<BoundaryType> boundaryIds_; // maps a boundarySegmentIndex to an ID
/// Manage boundary ids of boundary segments in a grid
* Manager for bounary IDs, that can be initialized from different sources
* Manager for boundary IDs, that can be initialized from different sources
* - cube domains can be assigned box boundaries, by specifying left-right,
* front-back, and bottom-top ids
* - An indicator from global coodinates that returns an id. The indicator function
* - An indicator from global coordinates that returns an id. The indicator function
* is evaluated in the center points of intersections.
* - A predicate that return true/false for a boundary part and sets the given id
* - Read ids from the grid. Those may be initialized by some grid readers. Note:
......@@ -97,8 +97,10 @@ namespace AMDiS
Parameters::get(prefix + "->max iteration", maxIter_);
Parameters::get(prefix + "->relative tolerance", rTol_);
maxIter_ = Parameters::get<int>(prefix + "->maxit").value_or(
Parameters::get<int>(prefix + "->max iteration").value_or(maxIter_));
rTol_ = Parameters::get<real_type>(prefix + "->reduction").value_or(
Parameters::get<real_type>(prefix + "->relative tolerance").value_or(rTol_));
std::string precon = "default";
Parameters::get(prefix + "->precon", precon);
......@@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ In the following section `<prefix>` denotes a placeholder for the name given to
`<prefix>` | string | Solver type, one of:<br>`cg` (conjugate gradient method),<br>`pcg` (generalized preconditioned conjugate gradient solver),<br>`fcg`<sup>1</sup> (accelerated flexible conjugate gradient method),<br>`cfcg`<sup>1</sup> (complete flexible conjugate gradient method),<br>`bcgs` (stabilized bi-conjugate gradient method),<br>`bicgstab` (as `bcgs`),<br>`default` (as `bcgs`),<br>`minres` (minimal residul method),<br>`gmres` (generalized minimal residual method),<br>`fgmres`<sup>1</sup> (flexible generalized minimal residual (FGMRes) method),<br>`umfpack`<sup>2</sup> (external UMFPACK solver),<br>`ldl`<sup>2</sup> (external LDL solver),<br>`spqr`<sup>2</sup> (external SQPR solver),<br>`cholmod`<sup>2</sup> (external Cholmod solver),<br>`superlu`<sup>2</sup> (external SuperLU solver),<br>`direct` (as `umfpack` or `superlu`) | `default`
`<prefix>->info` | int | Verbosity | `0`
`<prefix>->max iteration`<sup>3</sup>| int | Maximal number of solver iterations| `500`
`<prefix>->relative tolerance`<sup>3</sup>|type of matrix values| Relative break tolerance| `1.e-6`
`<prefix>->maxit`<sup>3</sup>| int | Maximal number of solver iterations| `500`
`<prefix>->reduction`<sup>3</sup>|type of matrix values| Relative break tolerance| `1.e-6`
`<prefix>->restart`<sup>4</sup> | int | Restart parameter | `30`
`<prefix>->reuse vector`<sup>5</sup> | bool | Reuse vectors in subsequent calls to apply if `true`| `true`
`<prefix>->category` | string | `sequential` (sequential solver),<br>`overlapping` (overlapping parallel solver),<br>`nonoverlapping` (nonoverlapping parallel solver),<br>`default` (chooses depending on grid and process count)| None<sup>9</sup>
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