Commit 0d85ff19 authored by Ansgar Burchardt's avatar Ansgar Burchardt

Add support for proxies *sigh*

parent 9a8c9539
......@@ -5,36 +5,64 @@ clean:
rm -f -- base-8/duneci-ctest base-9/duneci-ctest
rm -f -- base-8/duneci-install-module base-9/duneci-install-module
build-arg =
ifneq ($(ftp_proxy),)
build-arg += --build-arg="ftp_proxy=$(ftp_proxy)"
ifneq ($(FTP_PROXY),)
build-arg += --build-arg="FTP_PROXY=$(FTP_PROXY)"
ifneq ($(http_proxy),)
build-arg += --build-arg="http_proxy=$(http_proxy)"
ifneq ($(HTTP_PROXY),)
build-arg += --build-arg="HTTP_PROXY=$(HTTP_PROXY)"
ifneq ($(https_proxy),)
build-arg += --build-arg="https_proxy=$(https_proxy)"
ifneq ($(HTTPS_PROXY),)
build-arg += --build-arg="HTTPS_PROXY=$(HTTPS_PROXY)"
ifneq ($(no_proxy),)
build-arg += --build-arg="no_proxy=$(no_proxy)"
ifneq ($(NO_PROXY),)
build-arg += --build-arg="NO_PROXY=$(NO_PROXY)"
docker-build = docker build $(build-arg)
base-8-stamp: base-8/Dockerfile base-common/duneci-ctest base-common/duneci-install-module
cp base-common/duneci-ctest base-8/
cp base-common/duneci-install-module base-8/
docker build --no-cache -t duneci/base:8 base-8
$(docker-build) --no-cache -t duneci/base:8 base-8
touch $@
base-9-stamp: base-9/Dockerfile base-common/duneci-ctest base-common/duneci-install-module
cp base-common/duneci-ctest base-9/
cp base-common/duneci-install-module base-9/
docker build --no-cache -t duneci/base:9 base-9
$(docker-build) --no-cache -t duneci/base:9 base-9
touch $@
dune-2.3-stamp: base-8-stamp dune-2.3/Dockerfile
docker build -t duneci/dune:2.3 dune-2.3
$(docker-build) -t duneci/dune:2.3 dune-2.3
touch $@
dune-2.4-stamp: base-9-stamp dune-2.4/Dockerfile
docker build -t duneci/dune:2.4 dune-2.4
$(docker-build) -t duneci/dune:2.4 dune-2.4
touch $@
dune-fufem-stamp: dune-fufem/Dockerfile dune-2.4-stamp
docker build --no-cache -t duneci/dune-fufem:2.4 dune-fufem
$(docker-build) --no-cache -t duneci/dune-fufem:2.4 dune-fufem
touch $@
dune-fufem-git-stamp: dune-fufem-git/Dockerfile dune-git-stamp
docker build --no-cache -t duneci/dune-fufem:git dune-fufem-git
$(docker-build) --no-cache -t duneci/dune-fufem:git dune-fufem-git
touch $@
dune-git-stamp: base-9-stamp dune-git/Dockerfile
docker build --no-cache -t duneci/dune:git-staging dune-git
$(docker-build) --no-cache -t duneci/dune:git-staging dune-git
#docker run -i duneci/dune:git-staging sh -c "dunecontrol make build_tests && dunecontrol make test"
docker tag -f duneci/dune:git-staging duneci/dune:git
touch $@
......@@ -77,6 +77,17 @@ docker run -d --name gitlab-runner --restart always \
-v /srv/gitlab-runner/config:/etc/gitlab-runner \
or, if a HTTP proxy is required,
docker run -d --name gitlab-runner --restart always \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /srv/gitlab-runner/config:/etc/gitlab-runner \
-e ftp_proxy=${ftp_proxy} -e FTP_PROXY=${FTP_PROXY} \
-e http_proxy=${http_proxy} -e HTTP_PROXY=${HTTP_PROXY} \
-e https_proxy=${https_proxy} -e HTTPS_PROXY=${HTTPS_PROXY} \
-e no_proxy=${no_proxy} -e NO_PROXY=${NO_PROXY} \
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