Commit 133f3a45 authored by Ansgar Burchardt's avatar Ansgar Burchardt

Use correct image names.

parent 22850312
......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ dune-2.4-stamp: base-9-stamp dune-2.4/Dockerfile
touch $@
dune-fufem-stamp: dune-fufem/Dockerfile dune-2.4-stamp
docker build -t duneci/dune-fufem dune-fufem
docker build -t duneci/dune-fufem:2.4 dune-fufem
touch $@
dune-latest-stamp: dune-2.4-stamp
docker tag -f duneci/dune:2.4 dune:latest
docker tag -f duneci/dune:2.4 duneci/dune:latest
touch $@
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