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Commit 87cb962d authored by Jö Fahlke's avatar Jö Fahlke
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[duneci-standard-test] Validate label names.

parent fe89b776
......@@ -37,6 +37,16 @@ handle_labels()
for label in "${labels[@]}"; do
# ensure the labels can be safely handled
if [[ -z $label ]] || [[ $label == *[![:word:]-]* ]]; then
cat >&2 <<EOF
duneci-standard-test: Error: Invalid label in DUNECI_TEST_LABELS: '$label'
duneci-standard-test: Note: Only alphanumeric characters plus '_' and '-' are
duneci-standard-test: Note: allowed in label names, and the names must be
duneci-standard-test: Note: non-empty.
exit 2
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