Liebe Gitlab-Nutzerin, lieber Gitlab-Nutzer,
es ist nun möglich sich mittels des ZIH-Logins/LDAP an unserem Dienst anzumelden. Die Konten der externen Nutzer:innen sind über den Reiter "Standard" erreichbar.
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Dear Gitlab user,
it is now possible to log in to our service using the ZIH login/LDAP. The accounts of external users can be accessed via the "Standard" tab.
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  1. 27 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Ansgar Burchardt's avatar
      Add duneci/dune:git image · d662a40c
      Ansgar Burchardt authored
      This is the current state of the Git master branch of the DUNE core modules.
      The image needs to be rebuilt from time to time.
      We use a staged build to make sure to only update the image if the tests for
      the core modules pass.