Commit 0ee43cb7 authored by Backofen, Rainer's avatar Backofen, Rainer
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added functionality to initialise partitioning directly by arh-files

parent 78ddaebe
......@@ -184,6 +184,17 @@ namespace AMDiS { namespace io {
return readMetaData(filename, elInRank, elCodeSize, tmp);
/// Same as readMetaData but collects inform^ation from a set of ARH-files
int readMetaFromArh(std::string filename,
std::map<int, int> &elInRank,
std::map<int, int> &elCodeSize);
/// read meta data from a single ARH-file (just copied from arhTools
/// (readMetaFromArh2) )
void readMetaFromSgArh(std::ifstream& file, std::string typeId, int nProc,
std::vector< std::set<std::pair<int, int> > >& data);
/// Only returns just the number of subdomains a meta ARH file is defined for.
int readMetaData(std::string filename);
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