Commit 8a0e143c authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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TransformDOF updated

parent 4bb35e1e
......@@ -721,12 +721,11 @@ template<typename T> inline void transformDOFInterpolation(
DOFVector<T> &vec, AbstractFunction<T, WorldVector<double> > &fct, DOFVector<T> &result, BinaryAbstractFunction<T, T, T> &binary_op)
{ transformDOFInterpolation(&vec, &fct, &result, &binary_op); }
// ====================================================================================
template<typename T>
inline T accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T> *vec,
T accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T> *vec,
T value0,
BinaryAbstractFunction<T, T, T> *binary_op)
......@@ -740,10 +739,10 @@ inline T accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T> *vec,
template<typename TOut, typename T1, typename T2>
inline TOut accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T1> *vec1,
TOut accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T1> *vec1,
DOFVector<T2> *vec2,
TOut value0,
TertiaryAbstractFunction<TOut, T1, T2> *tertiary_op)
TertiaryAbstractFunction<TOut, TOut, T1, T2> *tertiary_op)
TEST_EXIT(vec1->getFeSpace() == vec2->getFeSpace())("FeSpaces must be equal!\n");
DOFIterator<T1> vec1Iter(vec1, USED_DOFS);
......@@ -756,4 +755,6 @@ inline TOut accumulateDOF_simple(DOFVector<T1> *vec1,
return value;
} // end namespace
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