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AMDiS (Adaptive MultiDimensional Simulations) is a C++ library to solve a broad class of partial differential equations (PDEs) using adaptive finite elements. Here you will find some information and tutorials about AMDiS usage/installation/extension...
## Installation of AMDiS (Linux)
The buildsystem of AMDiS is based on [CMake]( For an installation with default parameters, create a build directory and call cmake:
## Building
The AMDiS library uses [CMake]( to build. To configure with CMake we suggest to create a build directory, and run:
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[install_dir] ../AMDiS
[sudo] make install
cmake ../AMDiS
## Installing
To install the library you may provide an installation directory, by calling CMake with the additional argument:
where `[install_dir]` is some directory the files should be installed in. There, subdirectories `lib/amdis/`, `include/amdis/` and `share/amdis/` are created and filled. Here, we assume that `../AMDiS` (relative to the build directory) contains the file `CMakeLists.txt` that configures the build process.
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=[install_dir] .
and just run the `install` target:
### System requirements
AMDiS build with c++ compilers supporting the c++11 standard, e.g.
- gcc, version >= 4.7
cmake --build . --target install
## Demos
Some demo programs using the AMDiS library are implemented in the subdirectory `demo`. To configure and build run CMake again, with the AMDiS installation directory specified:
mkdir demo/build && cd demo/build
cmake -DAMDIS_DIR:PATH=[install_dir]/share/amdis ..
cmake --build . --target all
## Tests
The tests are implemented in the subdirectory `test` and can be built and run by using the CMake:
mkdir test/build && cd test/build
cmake -DAMDIS_DIR:PATH=[install_dir]/share/amdis ..
cmake --build . --target all
## Documentation
The documentation is built using [Doxygen]( Simply run the command in the `doc` subdirectory:
cd doc
Then html documentation is then generated in the `doc/html` folder.
## System requirements
AMDiS can be build with various c++ compilers, e.g.
- gcc, version >= 4.6
- clang, version >= 3.1
- intel, version >= 2013
- MSVC, version >= 11.0
A detailed overview about compiler compatibility is listed in the page [Compatibility](compatibility).
We assume the following libraries to be found in standard location:
- [boost]( (modules: system, iostreams, filesystem, program_options, and date_time), version >= 1.48
......@@ -26,7 +74,7 @@ For the parallel AMDiS we require additionally
When PETSc is configured with ParMETIS, the version from PETSc can be used directly.
### CMake options
## CMake options
When configuring AMDiS several options can be modified. For an interactive gui, use either `ccmake`, or `cmake-gui`.
| Option | Type | Description |
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