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cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
SET(AMDiS_DIR /u/witkowski/amdis/install/amdis_rebuild/share/amdis)
#find_package(AMDiS REQUIRED COMPONENTS umfpack )
find_package(AMDiS REQUIRED)
#find_package(AMDIS REQUIRED COMPONENTS umfpack )
find_package(AMDIS REQUIRED)
message("amdis was found\n")
file(GLOB sources src/*.cc)
foreach(s ${sources})
This readme shortly explains how to use the different buildsystems.
Currently (November 2010) we provide a CMake and a libtool version.
Each buildsystem uses it own configuration file:
buildsystem configfile
cmake CMakeLists.txt
libtool Makefile_libtool
The cmake system will generate a new Makefile, thus if we would use
simple Makefile for libtool, the libtool configuration would be overidden.
LIBTOOL version
The libtool version requires
* AMDiS was build with libtool
(i.e.: configure --prefix=`pwd` ; make ; make install )
* The prefix MUST be the AMDiS-directory
* The AMDiS directory should be ../AMDiS. But you can change the
variable AMDIS_DIR (see line 15 in the libtool configuration file).
If those requirements are fullfilled, you can compile all demos with
make -f Makefile_libtool
or a subset {demo1, demo2} with
make -f Makefile_libtoo demo1 demo2
CMAKE version
The cmake version requires
* AMDiS was build and installed using cmake or downloaded from
or installed from a package from For more information,
simply have a look at
* AMDiS was build and installed using cmake or downloaded from
or installed from a package from
To use the cmake buildsystem, simply run
cmake .
If your cmake complains about not to find AMDiS, you have at least two ways:
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