v3.08 (08.08.2016)

  • new feature: New commands decimate_angle, decimate_edge_length, decimate_inner_angle, decimate_element_count replace old decimate-command.
  • new feature: delete_unused_vertices-command now takes an arbitrary amount of data-vector-arguments.
  • new feature: file-command to create a file and write a string into it.
  • new feature: voxel_percentage-command.
  • new feature: binary vtk-voxel-writer; vtk_type-command for switching between binary and ascii vtk-writers.
  • Improved performance of binary vtk-voxel-reader.
  • Command voxel_file_to_vtk is not supported anymore. Use a combination of read_voxel_file and write_voxel_file instead.
  • bugfix: Base64-encoded appended-mode vtu-files led to misleading error-message.