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pandoc filter for gitlab flavored md

necessary if you want to convert markdown written for gitlab to pdf with pandoc
pandoc is the only way I know that works programmatically and locally to convert markdown to pdf and some people might want to get pdfs instead of markdown files, especially those with a lot of math
The math with $`...`$ is the problem. gitlab needs it and LaTeX chokes on the
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-- For converting the markdown files to pdf, you can use
-- the Firefox Extension "Gitlab Markdown Viewer" and the "print to pdf"
-- function of Firefox
-- or
-- you can use pandoc with this filter and lualatex as the engine like so:
-- pandoc --pdf-engine lualatex --lua-filter .maindir/scripts/pandoc-gitlab-math.lua -o out.pdf
-- This is a small part of the complete gitlab-flavored markdown to pdf via pandoc scheme by
function Math(el)
if el.mathtype == "InlineMath" then
if el.text:sub(1,1) == '`' and el.text:sub(#el.text) == '`' then
local text = el.text:sub(2,#el.text-1)
return pandoc.Math(el.mathtype, text)
local cont =
return { pandoc.Str("$") } .. cont.blocks[1].content .. { pandoc.Str("$") }
function CodeBlock(el)
if el.classes[1] == "math" then
return pandoc.Para({ pandoc.Math("DisplayMath", el.text) })
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