Commit 1bc2c325 authored by Felix's avatar Felix
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Revert "add package microtype"

This reverts commit c5a4a890.
Microtype caused errors for some weird reason.
parent 7ac76e9a
......@@ -72,7 +72,6 @@
% with \overset{\text{Definition}}&{=} instead of &\stackrel{\text{Definition}}=
\RequirePackage{mathtools} % for := (defined as)
\RequirePackage{amsthm} % for theorems environments
\RequirePackage{microtype} % should improve typesetting, sometimes removing underfull hboxes
\RequirePackage{enumerate} % for different kind of numbering in enumerations
\RequirePackage[version=4]{mhchem} % chemical formulars. Provides \ce
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