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## Compatibility
- Oseen-Frank and de Gennes are compatible if the oriented line field (= unit vector field) can be oriented (without changing regularity)
- otherwise Oseen-Frank might miss a global minimizer because it is not orientable
- $`P : S^2 → 𝒬`$ removes orientation. Orientable = in the image of $`P`$. Same for $`Q`$ only defined on $`∂Ω`$
- in chapter 3.1 firstly for continous $`Q`$ since that's standard from topology
- *Theorem 1*: $`𝒬_2`$ (one-dim), orientable on boundary of holes, $`Q`$ continous $`⇒`$ orientable (long proof with a lot of fiddling!)
- chapter 3.2 Theorem 2: $`Ω`$ simply connected, $`Q ∈ W^{1, p}`$, $`p \geq 2`$ (!) $`⇒`$ orientable with Sobolev-Seminorm estimate. Counterexample for $`p < 2`$
- chapter 4: different cases of $`Q`$ orientable on boundary $`⇒`$/$`⇔`$/$`⇐`$ on $`Ω`$. Sometimes $`Q: → 𝒬_2`$, sometimes $`Q`$ continous (on boundary)
## Energy functionals
- specific energy functionals are regarded (p. 11/503) because they were looked at before and Oseen-Frank was successful for them
- conversion between energy functionals possible
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