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# use settings from .latexmkrc
- latexmk
- mv out/main.pdf Felix-Hilsky-FANA-HA-SoSe2020.pdf
- mv out/thesis.pdf Felix-Hilsky-master-thesis.pdf
- "Felix-Hilsky-FANA-HA-SoSe2020.pdf"
expire_in: 40 weeks
- "Felix-Hilsky-master-thesis.pdf"
expire_in: 4 weeks
# 4 = lualatex, do not know why this magic number, see CTAN repository with latexmkrc examples
$pdf_mode= 4 ;
@default_files = ('.maindir/tex/main.tex');
@default_files = ('.maindir/tex/thesis.tex');
$out_dir = '.maindir/out';
# Master thesis of Felix Hilsky
## Help
If you want to give me feedback, you are very welcome to do so.
I am happy of any kind of helpful feedback, including but not limited
to typos, overcomplicated text, overcomplicated reasoning, proof mistakes,
new ideas, ...
You can
* write an [e-mail]( with your comments
* change something and send me git patch files (to
* change something and create a Merge Request (my favorite) either from your gitlab instance or with write access to the [MatNat-Gitlab](
* Make comments on the [pdf]( and send that to [me](
* Print the pdf and comment on paper and give that to me
## Adviser
[Prof. Sander]( and [Hanne Hardering]( motivated me to dive into geometric finite elements and offered to guide me during the master thesis.
## File structure
The file structure is based on my [LaTeX-template]( with additions. Top-level directories are
* **tex** The actual text in `.tex` files are here
* **notes** Notes that are not part of the actual master thesis text and are usually not written in LaTeX are here
- **scripts** Programs needed for the tex file handling are here
* **out** `latexmk` creates pdfs and temporary files in there, thanks to `.latexmkrc` config file
* **.latexmkrc** config file that tells `latexmk` to use `lualatex` and the output directory `out`
* **.gitlab-ci.yml** tells the gitlab to compile the current document and supply it via the [api](
## Create the document
Run the command `latexmk`. If you want to compile only one part, run `latexmk tex/thepart.tex`.
The product is in `out`.
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