Commit 49286f4b authored by Felix Hilsky's avatar Felix Hilsky
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add date of last commit to md pdf output

parent 966f49b2
......@@ -23,3 +23,4 @@
# hence ignore it since it is automatically created
#! /usr/bin/env bash
headertext="$(git log -1 --format=%aI\ %h)"
echo infile: $infile
echo outfile: $outfile
echo headertext: $headertext
mkdir -p .maindir/out
cp .maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex .maindir/out/md-preamble-orig.tex
sed -i 's#CURRENTCOMMIT#'$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)'#' .maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex
pandoc --pdf-engine lualatex --lua-filter .maindir/scripts/pandoc-gitlab-math.lua --include-in-header=.maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex' "$1" -o "${2:-~/Desktop/pandoc.pdf}"
sed -i 's#CURRENTCOMMIT#'"${headertext}"'#' .maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex
pandoc --pdf-engine lualatex --lua-filter .maindir/scripts/pandoc-gitlab-math.lua --include-in-header=.maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex "${infile}" --output="${outfile}"
cp .maindir/out/md-preamble-orig.tex .maindir/scripts/md-preamble.tex
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