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use tildes in unicode

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......@@ -136,10 +136,10 @@ Formula is straight calculation (!! $`n_j n_j`$ means $`\sum_{j=1}^3 n_jn_j`$!!)
For converse ($`Q ∈ W^{1,p}`$ given), using the formula to define a $`n_{i, k}`$ candidate doesn't help since when trying to use this, we need the derivative of $`n_j`$ again which we want to show that it exists:
\tilde n_{ik} := \sum_{j} Q_{ij,k} n_j
ñ_{ik} := \sum_{j} Q_{ij,k} n_j
\text{For } φ ∈ C^{∞}_c: ∫_{Ω} \tilde n_{ik} φ
\text{For } φ ∈ C^{∞}_c: ∫_{Ω} ñ_{ik} φ
= ∫ \sum_j s^{-1} Q_{ij,k} n_j φ
= ∫ - \sum_j Q_{ij} \underbrace{(n_j φ)_{,k}}_{\text{exists?!??}}
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