Commit 4b16114d authored by Pietsch, Martin's avatar Pietsch, Martin
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change variable kea_ha_port to kea_control_agent_port

parent d1e90ebd
# defaults file for package.dhcp.kea/
\ No newline at end of file
dhcp_leasetimes: {"default": 86400}
dhcp_network_relays: {"default": []}
dhcp_network_interfaces: {}
dhcp_backend: "memfile"
dhcp_db_host: ""
dhcp_db_port: ""
dhcp_db_user: ""
dhcp_db_password: ""
dhcp_db_dbname: ""
kea_ctrl_configfile: "/usr/local/etc/kea/keactrl.conf"
kea_dhcp4_config: "kea-dhcp4.conf.j2"
kea_dhcp6_config: "kea-dhcp6.conf.j2"
kea_control_agent_config: "kea-control-agent.conf.j2"
kea_ha_mode: "none"
kea_control_agent_port: 8080
package_packages: {
"freebsd": ["kea"]
package_service: {
"freebsd": "kea"
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