Commit 03d42724 authored by Pietsch, Martin's avatar Pietsch, Martin
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added variables and default values

parent 7ca5fcca
php_module_config_file: "module.ini.j2"
php_module_priority: <module prio>
php_module_config_file: "apcu.ini.j2"
php_module_priority: 20
php_mod_apcu_enabled: true
php_mod_apcu_shm_segments: 1
php_mod_apcu_shm_size: "32M"
php_mod_apcu_entries_hint: 4096
php_mod_apcu_ttl: 0
php_mod_apcu_gc_ttl: 3600
php_mod_apcu_mmap_file_mask: ""
php_mod_apcu_slam_defense: 1
php_mod_apcu_enable_cli: false
php_mod_apcu_use_request_time: false
php_mod_apcu_serializer: "php"
php_mod_apcu_coredump_unmap: false
php_mod_apcu_preload_path: ""
package_packages: ["php7.3-<module>"]
package_packages: ["php-apcu"]
php_module_name: "<module name>"
php_module_name: "apcu"
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