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## Description
This role installs, enables and configures the PHP module `<module>`.
This role installs, enables and configures the PHP module `mbstring`.
## Requirements
### Variables
* php_mod_mbstring_language
* description:
* This option specifies the default national language setting (NLS) used in mbstring.
* default: "neutral"
* php_mod_mbstring_detect_order
* description:
* This option defines the default character code detection order.
* default: "auto"
* php_mod_mbstring_substitute_character
* description:
* This option defines character to substitute for invalid character encoding.
* default: "none"
* php_mod_mbstring_encoding_translation
* description:
* This option enables the transparent character encoding filter for the incoming HTTP queries, which performs detection and conversion of the input encoding to the internal character encoding.
* choices: [false, true]
* default: false
* php_mod_mbstring_http_output_conv_mimetypes
* description:
* This option specifies the regex pattern of content types for which mb_output_handler() is activated.
* default: "^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml)"
* php_mod_mbstring_strict_detection
* description:
* This option enables strict encoding detection.
* choices: [false, true]
* default: false
## Processes
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