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## Description
This role installs, enables and configures the PHP module `<module>`.
This role installs, enables and configures the PHP module `phar`.
## Requirements
### Variables
* php_mod_phar_readonly
* description:
* This option disables creation or modification of Phar archives using the phar stream or Phar object's write support.
* choices: [false, true]
* default: true
* php_mod_phar_require_hash: true
* description:
* This option will force all opened Phar archives to contain some kind of signature (currently MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and OpenSSL are supported), and will refuse to process any Phar archive that does not contain a signature.
* choices: [false, true]
* default: true
* php_mod_phar_cache_list: ""
* description:
* This options allows mapping phar archives to be pre-parsed at web server startup, providing a performance improvement that brings running files out of a phar archive very close to the speed of running those files from a traditional disk-based installation.
* default: ""
## Processes
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