Commit cac21746 authored by Pietsch, Martin's avatar Pietsch, Martin

document creation of devfs rules for jails

parent 03db777e
......@@ -2,6 +2,24 @@ Description
This role configures and upgrades a FreeBSD system. Furthermore, it creates a mirror and installation media for this.
For the creation of jail container it is possible to define special rules for devices to be seen by them. An example is:
- name: "example.service"
container: true
exec.start: "/bin/sh /etc/rc"
exec.stop: "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown"
exec.clean: yes
mount.devfs: yes
securelevel: "3"
devfs_ruleset: "5"
- "add path deviceXY unhide"
path: /var/jails/$name
The list *devfs_rules* contains a devfs rule that enables the *deviceXY* to the container. It is also nessecary to set the container option *devfs_ruleset*.
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