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Initfile for heat example added

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heatMesh->macro file name: ./macro/macro.stand.2d
heatMesh->global refinements: 4
heatMesh->min corner: 0 0
heatMesh->max corner: 1 1
heatMesh->num cells: 2 2
heatMesh->dimension: 2 2
heat->mesh: heatMesh
heat->names: u
heat->solver->name: cg
heat->solver->max iteration: 1000
heat->solver->absolute tolerance: 1e-6
heat->solver->break if tolerance not reached: 1
heat->solver->info: 1
heat->solver->left precon: diag
heat->output->filename: heat.2d
heat->output->output directory: output
heat->output->ParaView format: 1
heat->output->ParaView mode: 1
adapt->timestep: 0.1
adapt->start time: 0.0
adapt->end time: 1.0
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