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to build all the example problems. The `dunecontrol` script searches for the required
(and suggested) dune modules this library depends on. These include:
- dune-common
- dune-geometry
- dune-grid
- dune-localfunctions
- dune-functions
- [dune-common](
- [dune-geometry](
- [dune-grid](
- [dune-foamgrid](
- [dune-localfunctions](
- [dune-typetree](
- [dune-functions](
(See the file `dune.module` for an up-to-date list of dependencies). The dune modules
can be obtained from and need to be found in a
subdirectory of `DUNE_CONTROL_PATH`. See also
for details about the installation of dune modules.
Additionally we require the following libraries to be found:
- [Eigen3](
- [SuiteSparse](
And a compiler that supports the C++14 standard, e.g. g++ >= 4.9 and clang >= 3.6.
See also the Dokerfiles in [iwr/docker-images/dune-latest](
for a [docker]( container based installation.
## Documentation
Currently only a *doxygen*-based documentation of the source files is available.
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