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......@@ -64,6 +64,22 @@ Since the dune-grid StructuredGridFactory does not allow to pass an own
GridFactory object to fill, a modified StructuredGridFactory is provided in the
utility folder, called `StructuredGridBuilder`.
Grid iteration
In order to iterate over the combined grid, the MultiMesh traverses all elements
hierarchically, starting from the coarse-grid. If an entity reaches its leaf-level,
it is conserved until the entities from the other grids also reach its leaf-level.
Then a vector of entities is created and returned by the LeafIterator:
for (auto const& multiEntity : elements(grid.leafGridView())) {
assert(multiEntity.size() == grid.size());
for (auto const& entity : multiEntity)
The current implementation is very limited. Several things need to be
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