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    add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake · 3a2c0797
    Praetorius, Simon authored
    changed petsc cmake configuration
    added computation of global DOF ids for pre-bases
    Global basis ids for dune 2.6 and dune 2.7
    corrected the unbind function
    wrong unbind function call corrected
    Added partition type query to GlobalIdSet
    added documentation and extended the test
    add general implementation and specialization for TaylorHoodBasis
    corrected treepath of velocity component in taylorhoodbasis
    add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake
    add DofMapping for the association of local and global indices
    changed petsc cmake configuration
    added DOFMapping and test, to be used with petsc or pmtl backend
    extension of istl preconditioner and amg precon
    added block jacobi preconditioner with sequential sub precon
    update ISTLCommTest for new Communication Creators
    removed some smoothers due to bugs in dune-istl
    added krylov AMG preconditioner
    restructuring of istl solvers and preconditioners
    Corrected errors in uniqueBorderPartitionTest and ProblemStat
    changed default solver and removed solver category argument from precon creator
    restructured stolver and precon creators in istl. Added precompiled explicit template instantiations.
    cholmod for dune-2.7 only
    removed explicit instantiation of AMG precons due to dune-istl bugs
    Cleanup of AMG and more documentation, removed some precompiled preconditioner and solvers
    redesign of linear algebra backend for inclusion of PETSc
    petsc example added for study of the implementation
    Matrix pattern communicates non-owning rows
    petsc example extended for debugging
    output of vectors does not use std::vector directly anymore
    dirichletBC redesigned
    restructuring of vectors and matrices, added BiLinearForm and LinearForm
    cleanup of VectorBackend design. Needs to be applied to all backends!
    adopt istl backend to changes in VectorBase and MatrixBase
    Update CMakeLists and implemented twist of globalBasisIds
    Communication in MatrixNnzStructure and DofMapping corrected.
    not HAVE_MPI caseimplemented
    do not use lv.maxSize() for mat and vec sizes
    meshcreator with overlap and periodicity for YaspGrid
    Twist indexing corrected and new UniqueBorderPartition strategy implemented, In MeshCreated the MAcroGridFactory removed, since it does not work in parallel
    PETScCommTest added
    MatrixNNZStructure extended to include remote dnnz numbers
    made all backends conforming to the new structure
    MeshCreator now reads AlbertaGrid only on rank 0
    make vector copyable
    export BACKEND cmake flag to amdis-config file
    cmake-pkg config file added
    pkg config file updated and PETSc direct solver added
    update MTL and PETSc backend after complex test
    make petsc constraints work on DirichletNodes that are not on boundary intersections
    moved AMDIS_INFO_LEVEL to Output
    updated the backup-restore test and corrected some small errors
    make friend use struct instead of class for Constraints
    change solver parameter in generated initfile of amdisproject and add PETSc to README
    update choldmod to recent dune version