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Keep unchanged sparsity pattern

Müller, Felix requested to merge feature/keep_pattern into master


  • bool argument to BiLinearForm::init to force pattern update
  • BiLinearForm::setSymmetryStructure function
  • MatrixFacade::init() setting all matrix entries to zero while keeping the pattern intact
  • Implementations MatrixBackend::init()


  • SymmetryStructure is now provided to the SparsityPattern and no longer used in MatrixFacade::init
  • SparsityPattern::init calls are replaced by constructor calls
  • BiLinearForm::init either rebuilds the pattern or just sets entries to zero, depending on a flag
  • BiLinearForm sets a pattern rebuild flag instead of immediately rebuilding it when observing a basis change
  • BiLinearForm also tracks changes to its operators to set the pattern rebuild flag
  • SymmetryStructure is now supposed to be set by the user after adding operators
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