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Parallel ISTL

Müller, Felix requested to merge feature/parallel_istl into master

This changes the linear algebra interface such that parallel linear algebra backends can be used and provides the implementation of the interface for parallel ISTL solvers.


  • Support for parallel ISTL solvers using the current solver interface
  • Runtime switch for overlap type of the ISTL solver used
  • solver->category: [default, sequential, nonoverlapping, overlapping] initfile parameter
  • Comm object for the linear algebra interface that is to be used as a container for all required information for running the backend's solvers in parallel
  • Implementation of the Comm object for ISTL


  • Linear algebra classes now use a Traits class as template parameter


  • Check if Grid uses overlap and use [Non]OverlappingSchwarzOperator
  • Provide an efficient method for computing the parallel index set
  • Resolve all TODO(FM) markers
  • Make an alternative implementation for nonoverlapping Schwarz
  • Handle the corner case overlapSize + ghostSize == 0
  • Add an example or test file
  • Update assembler element loops to use the proper partition set

Relates to #4 (closed).

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