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Commit e6a9f68e authored by Thomas Witkowski's avatar Thomas Witkowski
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* Use GOTO-BLAS on deimos

parent e22abd25
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ MPCCI_DIR =
# ============================================================================
# !!! Do not edit the file after this line !!!
# !!! Do not edit after this line !!!
# ============================================================================
......@@ -53,15 +53,18 @@ PNG_LIB = -lpng
ifeq ($(strip $(USE_SERVER)), mars)
UMFPACK_LIB += -lmkl
UMFPACK_LIB += -lmkl -lumfpack -lamd
ifeq ($(strip $(USE_SERVER)), themisto)
UMFPACK_LIB += $(MKL_LIB) -lmkl -lguide -lpthread
UMFPACK_LIB += $(MKL_LIB) -lmkl -lguide -lpthread -lumfpack -lamd
UMFPACK_LIB += -lblas
ifeq ($(strip $(USE_SERVER)), deimos)
UMFPACK_LIB += -lumfpack -lamd -L/licsoft/libraries/goto -lgoto -lpthread
UMFPACK_LIB += -lblas -lumfpack -lamd
UMFPACK_LIB += -lumfpack -lamd
SMI_LIB = -L$(SMI_DIR)/lib -lsmi
MPCCI_LIB = -L$(MPCCI_DIR)/lib/linux-x86-glibc22 -lmpcci
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