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Commit 8d3f6ec7 authored by Naumann, Andreas's avatar Naumann, Andreas
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additional file for petsc with cmake

parent d81f254a
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ if(ENABLE_PARALLEL_DOMAIN)
DESTINATION lib/parmetis
set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH};/usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/;${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/")
find_package(PETSc REQUIRED)
include_directories(${PETSC_DIR}/include ${PETSC_DIR}/${PETSC_ARCH}/include)
# ResolveCompilerPaths - this module defines two macros
# This macro is intended to be used by FindXXX.cmake modules.
# It parses a compiler link line and resolves all libraries
# (-lfoo) using the library path contexts (-L/path) in scope.
# The result in XXX_LIBRARIES is the list of fully resolved libs.
# Example:
# will be resolved to
# FOO_LIBRARIES:STRING="/A/;/B/;/A/;/usr/lib/"
# if the filesystem looks like
# /A:
# /B:
# /usr/lib:
# and /usr/lib is a system directory.
# Note: If RESOLVE_LIBRARIES() resolves a link line differently from
# the native linker, there is a bug in this macro (please report it).
# This macro is intended to be used by FindXXX.cmake modules.
# It parses a compile line and resolves all includes
# (-I/path/to/include) to a list of directories. Other flags are ignored.
# Example:
# RESOLVE_INCLUDES (FOO_INCLUDES "-I/A -DBAR='\"irrelevant -I/string here\"' -I/B")
# will be resolved to
# assuming both directories exist.
# Note: as currently implemented, the -I/string will be picked up mistakenly (cry, cry)
string (REGEX MATCHALL "((-L|-l|-Wl)([^\" ]+|\"[^\"]+\")|/[^\" ]+(a|so|dll))" _all_tokens "${LINK_LINE}")
set (_libs_found)
set (_directory_list)
foreach (token ${_all_tokens})
if (token MATCHES "-L([^\" ]+|\"[^\"]+\")")
# If it's a library path, add it to the list
string (REGEX REPLACE "^-L" "" token ${token})
string (REGEX REPLACE "//" "/" token ${token})
list (APPEND _directory_list ${token})
elseif (token MATCHES "^(-l([^\" ]+|\"[^\"]+\")|/[^\" ]+(a|so|dll))")
# It's a library, resolve the path by looking in the list and then (by default) in system directories
string (REGEX REPLACE "^-l" "" token ${token})
set (_root)
if (token MATCHES "^/") # We have an absolute path, add root to the search path
set (_root "/")
endif (token MATCHES "^/")
find_library (_lib ${token} HINTS ${_directory_list} ${_root})
if (_lib)
string (REPLACE "//" "/" _lib ${_lib})
list (APPEND _libs_found ${_lib})
else (_lib)
message (STATUS "Unable to find library ${token}")
endif (_lib)
endif (token MATCHES "-L([^\" ]+|\"[^\"]+\")")
endforeach (token)
set (_lib "NOTFOUND" CACHE INTERNAL "Scratch variable" FORCE)
# only the LAST occurence of each library is required since there should be no circular dependencies
if (_libs_found)
list (REVERSE _libs_found)
list (REMOVE_DUPLICATES _libs_found)
list (REVERSE _libs_found)
endif (_libs_found)
set (${LIBS} "${_libs_found}")
string (REGEX MATCHALL "-I([^\" ]+|\"[^\"]+\")" _all_tokens "${COMPILE_LINE}")
set (_incs_found)
foreach (token ${_all_tokens})
string (REGEX REPLACE "^-I" "" token ${token})
string (REGEX REPLACE "//" "/" token ${token})
if (EXISTS ${token})
list (APPEND _incs_found ${token})
else (EXISTS ${token})
message (STATUS "Include directory ${token} does not exist")
endif (EXISTS ${token})
endforeach (token)
list (REMOVE_DUPLICATES _incs_found)
set (${INCS} "${_incs_found}")
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ void require(Test l, Test r, std::string message, StringVector& res) {
using namespace AMDiS;
void testMesh(int dim, int nrEls, int nrVert , StringVector& res) {
void testMesh(int dim, int nrEls, int nrVert , int nrMacro, StringVector& res) {
std::stringstream ss;
ss<< dim;
Parameters::addGlobalParameter(0, "dimension of world", ss.str());
......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ void testMesh(int dim, int nrEls, int nrVert , StringVector& res) {
require(mesh.getDim(), dim, __LINE__, "mesh dimension");
std::stringstream ss2;
ss2<<"\ncurrent dimension: "<<dim<<"\n";
require(mesh.getNumberOfMacros(), nrMacro, ss2.str() + "number of macro elements",res);
require(mesh.getNumberOfElements() , nrEls, ss2.str() + "number of elements",res);
require(mesh.getNumberOfVertices(), nrVert, ss2.str() + "number of vertices",res);
......@@ -53,9 +54,9 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) {
Parameters::addGlobalParameter(0,"testMesh3->macro file name","macro/macro.stand.3d");
StringVector errorMessages;
testMesh(1,1,2, errorMessages);
testMesh(2,4,5, errorMessages);
testMesh(3,6,8, errorMessages);
testMesh(1,0,2,1, errorMessages);
testMesh(2,0,5,4, errorMessages);
testMesh(3,0,8,6, errorMessages);
if(errorMessages.size() > 0)
std::cout<<" got errors: \n";
file(GLOB PROJECTFILES src/*Project.cpp)
add_library(demoimpl ${PROJECTFILES})
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