Commit eada967c authored by Jade Mackay's avatar Jade Mackay
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Fixed problem in which grid refinement on partition domains (parallel) kept

hanging  because refinement criterion satisfied on one partition but not
Fixed by including appropriate MPI collect in setEstMax() and setEstSum()
methods. So satisfaction of criterion is global not local.
parent 63e8fc19
......@@ -389,12 +389,24 @@ namespace AMDiS {
/// Sets \ref est_sum.
inline void setEstSum(double e, int index)
double send_est_sum = e;
double est_sum = 0.0;
MPI::COMM_WORLD.Allreduce(&send_est_sum, &est_sum, 1, MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_SUM);
e = est_sum;
scalContents[index]->est_sum = e;
/// Sets \ref est_max.
inline void setEstMax(double e, int index)
double send_est_max = e;
double est_max = 0.0;
MPI::COMM_WORLD.Allreduce(&send_est_max, &est_max, 1, MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_MAX);
e = est_max;
scalContents[index]->est_max = e;
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