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Issue/cmake cleanup

Praetorius, Simon requested to merge issue/cmake_cleanup into master

CMake files for old and new (>=3.2) cmake versions are now synchonized, i.e. do nearly exactly the same, except for the used cmake commands.

The targets are now named according to a configuration, i.e. sequential targets get the suffix -s and parallel targets the suffix -p. For a debug configuration the suffix d is added addeitionally.

This several AMDiS versions can be installed in the same directory.

The AMDiSConfig.cmake script provides a component argument, where you can specify which configuration to load:

add_executable(yourTarget <yourSources>)
target_link_libraries(yourTarget ${AMDIS_LIBRARIES})

Additionally a version argument can be provided, since a AMDiSConfigVersion.cmake file is generated.

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